Privacy Policy

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Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. collects information that is voluntarily provided to us through submission forms on our site.

Any information collected will remain strictly confidential and will never be sold, or otherwise made available to any third parties or entities apart from Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. or any agents acting on behalf of Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc.

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Newsletter Subscription Form

Personal information collected through our newsletter subscription form will be used solely by Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. for the purpose of sending periodic news, offers and information from Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc.  This information will never be sold, or otherwise made available in any way to any outside or third party entities for any reason.  Options to unsubscribe from the newsletter will appear with each email, or you can contact us directly to be removed from the list.  Once removed all personal information will be deleted and a new submission will be required in order to begin a new subscription.

Résumé Submission Form

All information collected by Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. through résumé submissions will be kept for a period of 90 days if it relates to any applicable job openings.  After 90 days any information collected that does not pertain to any new hires, will be deleted or destroyed. Any information collected will remain strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purposes beyond human resources, hiring and employment records.  If an applicant is hired, all relevant application material will be moved to that applicant’s permanent employee file.