About you.

You are someone who cares About THE ENVIRONMENT.

You are someone who cares about Alberta’s diverse and abundant birds and wildlife, and about the many different and fragile ecosystems in and around our neighbourhoods.  You are someone who cares about people, and pets, and who cares about the health and wellness of communities, families and property.  Because of this, you are seeking a pest control company whose values are in-line with your own.

You don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to pest management. 

You recognize that each problem comes with its own set of challenges, and each scenario is unique. You are looking for a pest control company who will take the time to properly listen to your problem and then make your problem, their problem too.  A company that will see things through to the end.

You are seeking a company with a strong commitment to finding effective solutions, who has a scientific knowledge base, years of experience and an investigative approach to problem solving.  You are seeking a company that uses environmentally friendly methods, and the kind of eco-positive pest management strategies that set them apart from the competition.  

You are seeking a company that will protect your interests, and protect your peace of mind.

About us.

Lavellan Pest Solutions, is committed to a holistic, assessment-based pest management approach that protects you from pests while also protecting your health and the environment, providing total peace of mind.


At Lavellan, we believe in looking at the whole picture.  Our investigators are trained to take their time, listen to your concerns, and provide a comprehensive investigation in order to fully understand each problem.  As is often the case, the part of the pest issue that is being noticed or observed, may only be a small part of a much larger problem.  By taking our time, and looking at the larger picture, we can often address or even solve multiple problems at once.

we provide our investigators with a comprehensive core education and training for the large variety of pests they may encounter in Alberta.

By utilizing our knowledge and understanding of pest behaviours and biology, and familiarizing ourselves with the immediate and surrounding habitats, our investigators are often able to see things that others may miss.  This also makes us better able to find clean, effective, long-term solutions to pest problems.  Using this approach results in solving pest problems using fewer service calls, and less chemical going into the environment.

Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. A new company with seasoned, professional experience in the driver's seat. Contact us today and discover the Lavellan difference.
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Meet the Founder



President & CEO  |  Lead Investigator  |  Certified Wildlife Control Operator  |  Consultant  |  Trainer  | 
Urban Pest Management Specialist

James, is widely considered to be one of the top Bird & Wildlife Specialists in Alberta, and has also garnered a lot of respect from his peers for his work with insects and arachnids.  He is a Certified Wildlife Control Operator through NWCOA, and is currently working towards his Associate Certified Entomologist designation. James, has made some progressive leaps in his work with eradicating bedbugs and small flies, and has been playfully called the 'Bug Whisperer' and 'The Great Pest Detective'.  James has spent the last 8 years honing and refining his skills in Urban Pest Management throughout southern Alberta and has had the opportunity to work with some of the top pest control companies in western Canada. 

When he's not writing, teaching courses, climbing ladders or solving pest problems, James is probably enjoying one of his many creative hobbies along with 1 or more of his 3 wonderful children.


What’s in a name?

The lavellan, la-mhalan or la-bhallan, is a mythical/cryptozoological creature of northern Scotland.

The lavellan was said to be a sort of large, poisonous rodent, quite a bit bigger than a rat,  that lived in - or near - large, isolated rivers or other bodies of water. Though there are no details of exactly how it did so, it was said that the lavellan could use its poisonous attacks from great distances.  It would, reportedly, hunt creatures much larger than itself and while it would sometimes attack and kill livestock, it was still considered good luck to have lavellan on your property.  One theory was that even though the lavellan would occasionally attack livestock, its mere presence warded off many other creatures such as rats, and even wolves in the days when wolves still roamed in Scotland.