Commercial Solutions

When it comes to commercial properties and businesses, pest problems can be very costly.  Damaged property or product alone can cost a company thousands of dollars, but the damage to a company's reputation due to pest issues can be absolutely devastating. Through prevention initiatives, and solution-based, timely responses,  Lavellan Pest Solutions, can help keep your property pest free.

Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc. provides a variety of no-contract prevention and maintenance programs for businesses and commercial buildings.  Service pricing will depend on the current state of the building, the size of the building, and the required frequency of service calls.  

Our interior and exterior programs include service for all pests with the exception of bird & wildlife solutions.

Contact us today to set up an assessment for your business or building.

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Contact us for a free quote. If we are unable to provide you with a quote over the phone, then we are happy to send one of our investigators out to perform a free, cursory inspection and provide you with a quote for service. 

Pest Prevention & Consulting Services

At Lavellan we believe that awareness and prevention are the best protection against most pests.  

Most of the work that we do involves reacting to pest situations that have developed.  A lot of these situations could have easily been prevented if only the business owners, or property managers knew what to do, or what kinds of things they should be watching out for.  Pest prevention is not something most people think about.  Most people would rather not think about pests at all. But, taking the time and investing a little money towards prevention, can save a lot of money later when reacting to pest problems or repairing pest damage, especially damage to a reputation.

Lavellan provides year ‘round consulting services aimed at pest prevention.  We can provide pest prevention consultations and assessments for your current business or building, your prospective business or building, your landscaping or renovation project, your new build, design and architectural projects, and more.