There are several dozen species of ant that can be found throughout central and southern Alberta. However, the following are the most common ants likely to cause problems for you around your house and property. Ants of Alberta are often misidentified due to misrepresentations over common names, or a lack of precise information regarding local ants and similarities to common ants in other parts of the world. Many ants that are quite common in USA or even in eastern Canada, do not live here, or are not as common, but some of the ants we do have here have certain similarities to those ants and get mistakenly labeled as other ants.

Common Alberta Ants:

  • Western Thatching Ant - Formica Obscuripes

  • Carpenter Ant - Camponotus Herculeanus (Linnaeus), or Camponotus Noveboracensis (Fitch)

  • Wood Ant - Formica Species

  • Harvester Ant - Pogonomyrmex Occidentalis

  • Common Black Ant or Black Garden Ant - Formicidae Family, Formica Neogagates, Lasius Niger

  • Small Moisture Ant or Sugar Ant - These are common names for several different species of ant

Less Common Alberta Ants:

  • Pavement Ant - Tetramorium Caespitum

  • Odourous House Ant - Tapinoma Sessile

  • Pharaoh Ant - Monomorium Pharaonis

  • Ghost Ant - Tapinoma Melanocephalum

Ant Removal & Control

When treating for ants around your home or property, it is very important to properly identify the type of ant(s) prior to beginning treatment. Using the wrong product or chemical on the wrong type of ant may make the problem worse, more difficult to solve, or may have no affect at all.